Internal regulations


1. General provisions:

People who access this hotel establishment will be obliged to comply with these Regulations, insofar as it does not contravene Law 13/2011, of December 23, on Tourism, Decree Law 13/2020, of May 18, on hotel establishments , and other applicable Rules and Precepts.

2. Access, admission and permanence in the establishment:

This hotel establishment is for public use and free access, with no restrictions other than those derived from legal provisions and these regulations.

The admission and stay of people in this establishment will only be denied for the following reasons:

  • Due to lack of accommodation capacity or facilities.

  • Failure to comply with the admission requirements established in

    this regulation.

  • For adopting behaviors that may cause danger or inconvenience to other people or users, or for hindering the normal development of the activity.

  • Those under 18 years of age must stay at the hotel accompanied by their parents, guardians or adults duly authorized by them.

    When the indicated circumstances concur or people incur in one or more of the restrictions listed above, the staff responsible for the establishment may require them to leave it, after payment, where appropriate, of the accounts that they have pending for provision of services and consumption. If necessary, assistance will be requested from the security forces according to article 36 of the tourism law, and article 25 of the Decree Law of hotel management.

It is expressly stated that free access to the facilities, services and accommodation of this hotel establishment will not be denied or restricted to persons who wish to do so, for reasons of sex, disability, with or without a guide dog, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.

3. Check-in and admission document:

The person or persons who wish to make use of the accommodation units, the common facilities and, where appropriate, the complementary services detailed in these Regulations, must present their identification documents in order to be admitted and registered in the establishment registration.

This establishment, once the person or persons have been registered, will formulate an admission document containing the name, category and registration number of the establishment, number or identification of the assigned accommodation, number of people who will occupy it, dates of entry and departure and meal plan that they have arranged and, when contracted directly, also the price of accommodation. Said admission document, completed in duplicate, must be signed by the interested party to formalize their admission, once informed of the existence of these Regulations and their rights and obligations. The original will be delivered to the user and the copy will remain in the possession of the establishment.

The complementary services that are offered and provided by this establishment or by other persons or entities, are detailed in reception, will be formalized in their corresponding documents and will be settled in accordance with the agreed conditions.


4. Rights and obligations of users

Users may freely access the establishment and remain in it, with the limitations contained in the submission rules indicated in section 1 and in these regulations.

Users have the right to receive truthful, complete information prior to contracting the services offered. That, in said services, their security, intimacy and tranquility be ensured, that they correspond to the agreed conditions, that they be given an invoice, with the regulatory formalities, for the services contracted directly and that, if they wish to formulate any complaint, the complaint forms are delivered to them.

Users are obliged to observe the rules contained in these regulations, which they expressly accept upon signing the admission document, and those dictated by the Directorate on safety, coexistence and hygiene, for proper use of the establishment. Users must prove their condition, showing the admission document, when required, respect the facilities and equipment of this establishment and pay the amount of the contracted services at the time of presentation of the invoice or according to the conditions agreed according to the Article 21 of the Decree Law. The presentation of any claim does not exempt from the obligation to pay for the contracted services.

5. Rights and obligations of the hotel company

This establishment may seek the help of the agents of the authority to evict from its facilities users who fail to comply with these regulations, who intend to access or stay in them for a purpose other than the normal use of the hotel service and also, where appropriate, to people who are not registered as users, attendees at banquets, conventions, etc. or that incur in the assumptions foreseen in section 2 above. Only people registered for this purpose can access the accommodation units, as stated in article 2.e of the Decree Law.

This establishment may request a guarantee of payment for the contracted services, in accordance with the applicable regulations and to make the corresponding charge in the user's account for damages or defects that occur in the facilities, furniture and elements of the establishment due to negligence or wrong use of those.

It can also vary the hours of the different consumption, use and enjoyment services, throughout the seasons, depending on seasonality, reserving the right not to admit users outside said hours, also when the maximum authorized capacity is exceeded or when they are requested within the admission limits, thereby harming the work schedule of said services. The aforementioned services, the details of their scheduled times, their prices and the conditions of use, are exposed at the entrances to them and, in summary, in the existing directories in the accommodation, which also contains information on the evacuation plan for emergencies and services that are free.

This establishment has the obligation to give its prices the maximum publicity in reception and to have them available to users. To inform said users, before hiring them, of the conditions of provision of the services and their prices. To provide them with the highest quality, according to their category and in the contracted terms. To take care that users are treated correctly. To attend and maintain the facilities and services in good condition. To have claim sheets and report their existence. To provide users who cannot attend, due to incurring excess reservations, accommodation in an establishment in the same area, of the same group, modality, if applicable, specialty, and of the same or higher category. The expenses or surcharges that originate for this reason will be borne by this establishment, which, on the contrary, will return to the user the differences that occur in their favor.

6. Periods of occupation of the housing units:

The users of this establishment have the right to occupy the accommodation unit from 2:00 p.m. on the first day of the contracted period until 12:00 p.m. on the day indicated as the date of departure. However, on dates of maximum occupancy, the availability of the accommodation unit to the user may be delayed by three hours. By agreement between the parties, a different occupancy regime for the accommodation units may be agreed upon, which, if applicable, must be reflected in the admission document. The extension in the occupation of the accommodation unit for a time greater than that contracted will cause the duty to pay one more day and, in the event that the user wants to stay housed for more days than those contracted and specified in the admission document, always There must be an agreement between the parties.

7. Prices, invoices and information

The pool and existing furniture in the premises of the establishment, are free to use.

The hotel establishment is not responsible for the price, nor for the use of tools, fixtures and other services provided outside the hotel establishment, nor for the behavior of non-existing staff, unless expressly stated in its conditions and rates.

The rates with the prices and conditions of the different types of accommodation, restaurant services, bars, congress events, banquets, laundry, rental of boxes, deposits for the use of pool towels and complementary services of our own and of persons or entities outside are detailed in reception available to users who request them.

The billing of the accommodation rates will be computed by days and according to the number of overnight stays. The minimum billing for accommodation will be the amount of an overnight stay or day, this being understood to end at 12 noon on the day following the date of entry.

The establishment may require its users, at any time and upon presentation of the invoice and its receipts, the payment of the services provided outside the accommodation, even if the payment of this had been agreed in advance.

The legal or natural persons who, on their own, provide complementary services in the dependencies of this hotel establishment, are responsible for their personnel and their behavior, their operation, maintenance, price regime and everything inherent to their own services. In each of these dependencies, the owner of the same will be clearly identified.

In the accommodation units there is also a directory with information on the prices of the most common services.

Invoices will only be provided for accommodation and services contracted directly by users.


8. Reception

At reception, the necessary procedures will be carried out for the admission of people to the establishment and the keys or cards to access the accommodation will be kept. The Director, together with the reception staff and, where appropriate, the concierge, are responsible or centers for relations with users for all internal matters of the hotel establishment and for information and advice for them.

9. Safe deposit boxes

In each accommodation there is a safe installed to rent by whoever wants it. In the directories that exist in said lodgings, this service and its conditions of acceptance and use are indicated. The establishment is not responsible for the loss of objects or values that are not deposited in these boxes.

10. Laundry-dry cleaning

In each accommodation you will find information with the conditions of these services, their prices and times of delivery and return of garments. The establishment is not responsible for garments that, due to their conditions or compositions of use, shrink, discolor or deteriorate.

11. Pool towels

They are available to customers at reception. Its delivery is free after identification of the user and formalization of a guarantee deposit. The subsequent washings, required by the users, will be invoiced according to the prices and conditions that appear in the room directories.

12. Pool

Its use and enjoyment are free. In the existing directories in the accommodations, the hours and conditions of use are specified, which are detailed below:

The use of the pools after 8:00 p.m. is prohibited, as this is when the maintenance staff starts cleaning and chlorinating the water. The establishment is not responsible for injuries or damages that occur to people or their belongings due to neglecting said hours.

The use of floats, balls and the like is prohibited in swimming pools, except floats or swimmers for children.

Diving into the pools in an inverted position, head first, is prohibited.

The use of devices, instruments or music players at a volume that disturbs the rest of other users is prohibited.

For hygiene reasons, the consumption of food in the pool is prohibited.

The pool does not have a lifeguard service.

Parents or guardians of minors must ensure that they do not use the pools when they are not present and do so under their own tutelage and responsibility.

For hygiene reasons, it is mandatory to shower before using the pool, always wear a swimsuit and not get into the pools with diapers or the like.

The use of towels, blankets, etc., from the accommodation facilities, in the pool area is prohibited.

The use of the hammocks in the pool area is free. It is not allowed to reserve hammocks by placing in the same clothes or other personal objects for an indefinite period of time, not making continuous use of them. If necessary and under the circumstances described, the establishment's staff may remove the clothes or objects from the hammocks so that they can be occupied by other users.

13. Various

Minors are not allowed to use the elevators without being accompanied by a responsible adult.

Access to the establishment of animals is not allowed, with the exception of what is indicated for guide dogs for the disabled.

It is not allowed to wander around the spaces and common areas without shoes and with a naked torso. Gentlemen wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts will not be allowed in the restaurant.

After 10 pm it is mandatory to maintain due silence in the corridors and accommodation in order not to disturb the rest of other users.

It is not allowed to hang garments on the railings of the terraces, the existing clotheslines in each accommodation must be used.

It is expressly prohibited, in all areas and dependencies of this establishment, the use, consumption or possession of dangerous products and substances, in application of current legislation on public health.

In order to guarantee the security, privacy and tranquility of users, this hotel establishment has technical electronic surveillance devices, with permanent recording elements, in corridors and other general or common areas.